Thursday, December 10, 2009

concept stuff (finn ,harv and hevvin)

this is early finn, it took me a while to get him right.

meanwhile harv was pretty easy, that why there's only one doodle of him (theres more but they're all pretty much the same) he just got fatter.. :)

the unicorn on the other hand, well.. since finn was scared of him i thought he should be scary lookin so...


this thing attacks finn and it gets pretty intense, (but i actually only changed him cuz he was hard to draw)



  1. Sweet Jesus!!
    That unicorn is creepy! XD

  2. Harv looks alot different I like the way they look now but the last drawing of finn was cute :D

  3. My god it burns. o__o
    Is that a snotty Harv with emo hair?!

    Even still, though, all those designs are good. They look so pro~ o3o <3 I love the life that's put into your work.
    But I'm glad you kept working on the designs, 'till they were the way they are now. xD I love Warrior U! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh hevvin... xD' <3

  4. Your style has improved-DRAMATICALLY.

  5. Humanicorns are quite good indeed. I would like to see more of this Humanicorn fellow. (and yes, I've read the comics)

  6. OhMiGawd! Hevvin in human form looked even more of a crazed stalker then than he is now! xD lol